Advent Calendar 2018 - Help and FAQs

When is the Advent Calendar updated?

We are updating the Advent Calendar and putting the next day's page "live" at about 6pm in the evening, UK time, so that visitors in Australia, NZ etc can access it first thing in the morning on the correct day.

Can I access the Advent Calendar the night before, to get prepared?

That depends on where you are in the world! We put the next day's page "live" at about 6pm in the evening, UK time. That means that visitors from the US, UK etc will have access early, but visitors from Australia, NZ and the Far East will have to wait until the morning of the correct day.

The Advent Calendar should have been updated but I still see "No Peeking". Why?

It is most likely that you are looking at a cached version of the Advent Calendar page. If you refresh your browser (by clicking on the curly arrow near the browser bar, you should be able to click through.

If that still doesn't work, try the formula for the direct URL below.

Can I go directly to the daily page?

You can go directly to the daily pages by using the following formula for the URL:

but only once we have reached that date, or passed it!

Today's link is taking me to the wrong day. What can I do?

That's strange! Please type the URL directly following the formula above.

Can I go directly to the daily printable?

No, sorry!

Can I have a printable from a previous day?

Yes. Just click on the appropriate number on the Advent Calendar or type the URL using the formula above. Previous days will stay up until at least Christmas Day.

I can't download / print the daily printable

Please have a look at our suggestions here.

How long will the Advent Calendar be available?

Until at least Christmas Day.

I'm going away. Can I have the printables in advance?

No. I'm sorry but that isn't possible.

Can I have a printable from a previous year's Advent Calendar?

Most of the content from our previous Advent Calendars have been added to the website.

Advent starts on 2nd December this year. Why does your Advent Calendar start on 1st December?

In the UK, Advent Calendars traditionally start on 1st December and run until 24th December. So does ours.

I'm having trouble with a particular game ...

I've linked out to a game every day. Some (but not all) require Adobe Flash, which is no longer automatically supported in some browsers. If you would like to try the games, you might need to follow directions on that website for how to continue.

I object to a particular game, video, joke, quote, comment ...

That's a shame. I try to provide a variety of activities to suit as many people as possible.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Merry Christmas!

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