Advent Calendar Jar

Sometimes the simple idea are the best! It's not really an advent calendar craft as such, although younger children will enjoy decorating their jar and of course you can adapt the activity for older kids, who might want to use glass paints, puffy paint etc.

This advent calendar jar also works well alongside a chocolate advent calendar...fill it with interesting things to do or some of our printables.

Advent Calendar jar

You will need:

A glass jar
Stickers and glass pens

24 slips of paper (or use the ideas and printables below).


  • Decorate the jar.
  • Fill the jar with 24 folded slips of paper. You could have activities or jokes on the slips, or use some of the ideas or printables below.
  • Pull out and read a slip every day!

You will find some ideas for activities to write on the slips here:
Filling home-made advent calendars

Advent lunch box notes - activities
We've also got lots of Advent Calendar Printables like these 24 Advent "activities" that you can enjoy with the family in lunch box notes format, as well as 8 blank notes that you can fill up yourself. And 24 brilliant little Advent puzzles, and 24 child-friendly Christmas jokes! So much to choose from!

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