Advent Calendar Jar

Sometimes the simple idea are the best! This advent calendar jar also works well alongside a chocolate advent calendar...fill it with interesting things to do or some of our printables.

Advent Calendar jar

You will need:

A glass jar
Stickers and glass pens

24 slips of paper (or use the ideas and printables below).


  • Decorate the jar.
  • Fill the jar with 24 folded slips of paper. You could have activities or jokes on the slips, or use some of the ideas or printables below.
  • Pull out and read a slip every day!

You will find some ideas for activities to write on the slips here:
Filling home-made advent calendars

Advent lunch box notes - activities
24 Advent "activities" that you can enjoy with the family in lunch box notes format, as well as 8 blank notes that you can fill up yourself. And 24 brilliant little Advent puzzles, and 24 child-friendly Christmas jokes! So much to choose from!
Advent lunch box notes

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