Advent Chest


You will need to save matchboxes all year for this homemade advent calendar craft - or buy some from a craft supplier! But once made this advent chest will become a family treasure, that you can bring out and fill with little treats and sweets every year.

advent chest craft for kids

You will need:

24 matchboxes
PVA (white) glue
Wrapping paper


  • Take the case from each matchbox and glue together so they form a rectangle 4 by 6. This is your chest. Leave to dry.
  • Cover the outside of the chest in glue. Cut a piece of wrapping paper slightly wider than the chest and wrap it around carefully, smoothing any bumps. Leave to dry and then trim off the excess.
  • Paint the inside of the matchboxes to match the wrapping paper. Leave to dry and then slip them into the chest. These are your drawers.
  • Write the numbers 1 to 24 onto the drawers. Now you can fill them with whatever you like! We hide the first clue in a treasure hunt to find that day’s Christmas treat (usually some stickers, or the ingredients for mince pies, or tickets to a pantomime etc).

We've got lots of ideas for filling your homemade advent calendars here.


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