Advent Matchbox Tree

Kids can have fun making this cute Advent Matchbox Tree, for you to fill with exciting treats - just open one draw a day during December and soon it will be Christmas!

Advent matchbox tree

You will need:

24 matchboxes
Green acrylic paint
Glitter and any other decoration that you would like
Number stickers



Glue a line of 6 matchboxes side by side.

Glue a line of 5 matchboxes on top of them. Then glue a line of 4 matchboxes on top of that, with 2 rows of 3 on top of those. Now glue on a row of 2 and finish with a single matchbox. You will have a pyramid of matchboxes.

When the glue is dry, paint the pyramid green.

Use number stickers to label to drawers 1-24.

Decorate the pyramid with glitter and anything else you like so it looks like a decorated tree.

Now fill up the drawers with little treats for Advent!

Advent matchbox Christmas tree advent calendar

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