Advent Paper Chain


Try an advent calendar with a difference - an advent paper chain. It is fun for the kids to make themselves and is an economical - as well as decorative, alternative to the shop-bought advent calendars.

First print out our template, on 4 pages of white paper or card. There are strips marked for each day up to Christmas Eve.

Now turn your paper over and print a pattern onto its back. You can choose from our many Christmas scrapbook paper designs. Print all the backs the same or choose a variety, perhaps letting each child choose one. Or you could ask the children to colour or crayon simple designs - spots or stripes or stars - on the back.

Cut out your strips carefully. Now build the paper chain, making sure that the strips are added in the right order. Each day you can tear one strip off the chain, and before you know it, it will be Christmas day!

Alternatively, try a reverse advent calendar chain - adding one link a day, from 1 to 24...

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Advent paper chain


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