Advent Wreath

Here's an Advent Wreath with candles that is not only fun for kids to make but also safe to light each night in a house with children! Obviously children and candles are not the best combination but this is the safest advent wreath using real candles that I know. However, children should always be well supervised around candles.

Advent Wreath

You will need:

A large white tile
Acrylic paint pens
4 votive candle holders (baby food jars are a good stand by)
4 tea lights (you will need more than this if you intend to leave the candles burning for any length of time)


Draw your wreath pattern on the tile with the paint pens. In each corner draw a number from 1-4.

Decorate the candle holders with the paint pens.

When the paint is dry, put a candle in the holder on each corner.

In week 1 light candle 1 every night; in week 2 candles 1 and 2; in week 3, candles 1, 2 and 3, and in week 4 light all the candles.

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