Afikoman Bag Craft


One of the traditions of the Passover seder meal is that a stack of three matzah (unleavened bread) are placed in the centre of the table. Before the meal begins, the middle piece is broken in two and one piece is saved to be eaten at the end of the meal. In households with children, this piece, called the afikoman (or afikomen) is often wrapped in a napkin and hidden for the children to find before the meal starts. We thought it would be fun to make a special napkin (or tea towel) bag for the afikoman, which can be decorated by the kids when they are little and then brought out year after year.

Afikoman Bag Craft

You will need:

  • Tea towel or large napkin
  • Ribbon
  • Button
  • Needle and thread (we used a sewing machine for the hems)
  • Fabric pens


  • Fold the tea towel in half, right sides together, and sew along the side and bottom to make a pouch.
  • Turn the pouch so the right sides are on the outside.
  • Cut a length of ribbon, fold into a loop, and sew to the middle of the open edges at the top of the bag.
  • Sew a button into the middle of the other side of the bag.  The ribbon can be looped over the button to close the bag.
  • Decorate the bag with fabric pens.

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