All Flags of Europe Matching Cards


These flags of Europe matching cards / double-sided flash cards have been designed so that they are quick to print and cut out using a guillotine or scissors. Click on the links in the pdf file to go straight to a particular page, and click on “Back to Index” at the bottom of each page to be brought back to the index.

For matching cards: Print onto card for best results. Slice or cut all the cards apart then select an appropriate number of cards for your child and see if they can match them up correctly. When your child becomes familiar with the flags you could also play a “memory” game.

For double-sided flash cards: Print onto good paper or card. Run some glue-stick over the back of the paper covering the area where the flashcards are printed, then fold in half along the vertical dotted line (a “hot dog fold”) with right sides facing out. Now cut out the flashcards around the edges and slice or cut along the horizontal dotted lines.

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All Flags of Europe Matching Cards


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