Apple Tree Dice Game


This is a fun number recognition game for an adult to play with a child, or for two children. It is easy to learn and quick to play, and there's lots of opportunity for counting too.

Apple tree dice game

You will need:

  • Our printable game board (below). Laminate if you wish.
  • 10 red counters and 10 green counters
  • A normal die

How to play:

Put the board on the table between the players and let each child choose a set of counters, which they place in a pile beside the board.

One child rolls the die, looks for an apple with the appropriate number, and places a counter over the apple. The next child takes a turn and play continues until a child rolls the die and cannot see an available number, in which case they place a counter into the red or green space at the bottom of the tree.

Play continues until all the apples are covered, or all the counters have been used.

Now you can count how many red counters there are on the tree, how many green counters there are on the tree, how many red counters beneath the tree, and how many green counters beneath the tree! If you like, you can declare a winner – the child who has covered most apples – but it isn't necessary.

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Apple tree dice game


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