Balloon Pop


Noisy, frantic, and lots of fun, this is such a simple game but one which most children enjoy and will play happily for as long as there are balloons remaining...

Balloon Pop

Age: 6+

You will need:

Small pieces of paper to insert into balloons
Balloons (2-4 per child)
Small prizes (and perhaps one big prize)


Mark some of the pieces of paper in some way to signify that they will be rewarded with a prize. You should allow about one prize per ten balloons, and 2-4 balloons per child. Roll the pieces of paper tightly and then push through the necks of your balloons, and blow the balloons up. Gather the kids together.

How to play:

When you give the signal, the children rush to pop the balloons and see if the paper inside them awards them a prize. No teeth or sharp objects allowed!


Watch carefully to make sure all the children are happy. Some kids don't like the sound of balloons popping and can get upset.

It can be fun to have one "grand" prize and 2 or 3 smaller prizes.


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