Balloons Dice Game


Balloons is an ideal early learning dice game for little kids. We've got a fun printable and 4 variations to play with different ages.

Balloons Dice Game

There are a number of ways to play this game. Print out a stack of our “Balloons” printable sheets below (you can use the economy setting on your printer) and choose the most appropriate variation for your child.

Age: 3+


Number recognition
Pencil control


One die
Printable sheet
Colouring pencils
Our printable

Variation 1

Roll the die. Colour a balloon of the correct number. There are no winners or losers –- just aim for a colourful picture! Try to have coloured at least one balloon of each number before stopping the game.

Variation 2

A competitive game! The first child to colour in a bunch of three balloons with the same number wins.

Variation 3

Play until one player has three full bunches of balloons coloured in (or for a specified time). This player is not necessarily the winner! Total up your score by adding the numbers on the coloured balloons. The winner has the highest score.

Variation 4

As Variation 3 above, but in this game if you already have a bunch of three balloons coloured in and throw the same number again, you must “pop” one of those balloons by crossing it out! That balloon no longer counts towards the final score.

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Balloons dice game printable


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