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Rickshaws in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rickshaws in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • The People's Republic of Bangladesh is situated in South Asia on the fertile Bengal delta, and the name "Bangladesh" means "country of Bengal" in the Bengali language.
  • During the wet season, between May and September, melting snow runs down from the Himalayas and covers the heavily populated flood plain. In extreme years, such as 2007, floods caused major damage to building and loss of life. The region is also prone to cyclones and famine is a major issue.
  • Dhaka, the capital city, is a sprawling city of 12 million people, located in the centre of the country on the Ghanges river delta. The city transport benefits from hundreds of thousands of rickshaws which provide employment and a pollution free way to travel.
  • Bangladesh is a major exporter of jute and textiles.


  • Modern Bangladesh is part of an ancient land whose destiny was shaped when Sufi Muslims invaded in 1200 AD, converting many people to Islam. By the 16th century the region was part of the huge Mughal Empire, which included most of India and Pakistan.
  • The area was opened up to trade, attracting first the Portuguese and then the British East India Company, and became part of the British Empire.
  • In 1947, when the region gained independence from Britain, two countries were formed: India (mainly Hindu) and Pakistan (mainly Muslim). Pakistan had two regions, the Urdu-speaking Punjam in the West and the Bengali-speakers in the East.
  • What we now know as Bangladesh came into being in 1971 after a bloody war, when the country split from West Pakistan.

More Interesting Facts about Bangladesh

  • The national sport is kabaddi, a game based on wrestling, which is popular all over South Asia.
  • The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh. Tigers are very endangered as human settlement threatens their habitat.
  • The doyel is the national bird and features on banknotes and the Doyel Chatwar statue in Dhaka.
  • Amongst famous citizens is the international designer Bibi Russell, former top fashion model, whose foundation 'Fashion for Development and Positive Bangladesh' strives to promote the product and welfare of textile workers.
  • Bangladeshi chefs have set up restaurants around the world featuring, spicy curries. Locals enjoy eating hilsa fish, which is widely available.

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