Bat Costume


The wings on this costume mean that younger kids particularly enjoy wearing it! It is just a question of two measurements, some cutting and a handful of safety pins or a few quick stitches..

You will need:

  • Black long sleeved T-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Black sweat pants, leggings or tights
  • Length of black polyester or other lightweight material (approximately 2-3 yards, depending on the size of your child)
  • Black plastic headband (or use hood if applicable)
  • Black cardboard or felt
  • Glue
  • Elastic or ribbon for mask
  • Our templates (below)

To make the bat wings:

Measure from the middle back of your child's neck to the wrist. Then measure from the middle back of the neck to the back of the knee.

Referring to the bat wing pattern sheet, fold your fabric in half so that you can accommodate both the measurements as shown (if you fabric is very narrow, you may have to join two widths together first). Use a piece of chalk or pins to mark the wrist and knee points, then draw a jagged line between them (as shown on the pattern) and cut out. You can use pinking sheers to make the bat wings fray less and last longer if you wish.

Ask you child to put on the T-shirt or sweatshirt and attach the bat wings along the line from neck to wrist, either with safety pins or with a few stitches. For younger children, you may want to put another pin/stitch in the middle towards the bottom of the sweatshirt, to keep the wings a little more under control!

To make the bat ears:

If you are using a hooded sweatshirt, you can sew 2 felt ears directly to it. Print out the bat ear template and cut 2 ears out of felt. Ask you child to put the sweatshirt on and pin/sew the ears in place.

Alternatively, cut the ears out of black card and glue to a black plastic headband.

To make the bat mask:

Print out our template and use to cut out a mask from black card. Cut out the eyes. Punch two holes where indicated and tie up with ribbon or thin elastic.


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