Beach Sculptures


Next time you visit the beach, comb the shores with your children to gather supplies for your own spectacular beach sculptures! Please note that very strong glue is needed to make these sculptures, which, for safety, should only be handled by adults.

Boat beach sculpture

Our boat beach sculpture

You will need:

Shells, pebbles, driftwood, or any interesting bits found along the beach Strong glue (we used a hot glue gun)

Frog beach sculpture
Our frog!

Take a walk along the beach to collect some bits. Look what interesting shapes that you can find. Bring the best of your collection home with you.

Train beach sculpture

Arrange your bits into the shape that you like. Older children, carefully supervised, can glue their creations together. Younger children should ask an adult to glue them together. Leave to dry.

Shark beach sculpture
Shark beach sculpture


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