Bead Figure Pencil Topper


This bead figure pencil topper is a quick and easy craft for kids. Perhaps they could have a go at making them at a party or for "Back to school". Kids can really use their imagination to create these!

Bead Figure Pencil Topper

Our bead figure pencil topper

You will need:

A pipe cleaner
2 beads (one for the head and one for the body)
Scraps of wool (or ribbon), craft foam, pompoms as decorations
Permanent marker
Glue (we used glue dots)


Thread the pipe cleaner through the bead that you will be using as the body, then through the head bead, then back through the body. Twist around to secure and then wrap around a pencil.

Stick on wool or ribbon hair, two small rectangles of craft foam as arms and two as legs. Add mini pompom feet!

Finish off by drawing on a face with permanent marker.


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