Beaded Butterfly Craft


Here's an idea for a very pretty beaded butterfly craft for kids. Adapt them for all ages by changing the thickness of the wire and the size of the beads. Imagine a flurry of these hanging in your window in summer time - so cute! They would also make a gorgeous mobile, or even a little necklace charm if made small enough. Instructions below.

Beaded butterfly craft

You will need:

Craft wire Beads (we had some nice butterfly ones but any beads are fine) Thread to hang


Thread the beads along the craft wire leaving a space free at the ends.

Twist the wire into a butterfly shape, then twist the ends of the wire around to secure and push the loose ends through a bead so they are out of sight. This is quite fiddly so younger children may need adult help.

Tie onto thread to hang your beaded butterfly.


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