Beanbag Contest


This game takes a little effort to set up, but the kids will have a lot of fun with it. It is obviously better on a dark evening! It could be a good game to play at a Halloween party, especially if the children are wearing spooky costumes.

Beanbag Contest

Age: 4+


Divide the children into teams and line them up in rows. Give the child at the front of each row a beanbag.

How to play:

The children must now pass the beanbag from one to the next and back again, in a particular style, which you can decide as appropriate for the age of the children.

For example,

- pass it down the row with the right hand only
- pass it up the row with left hand only
- pass it down the row with both hands
- pass it up the row with right hand over left shoulder
- pass it down the row with left hand over right shoulder
- pass it up the row under the right leg
- pass it down the row under the left leg, and so on

It might be a good idea to have a practise game first! If a beanbag is dropped, you can either make the children start again from the beginning or from the front of the row.

When all the beanbags have been passed correctly, a winner is declared.


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