Beanbag Cross Challenge


This is a great game for a large gathering of children - you need at least one team of 8 (but of course two will make the challenge more fun), a fairly large space and a means of marking the ground. A good test of concentration and skill!


Age: 8+

Start by marking the "course" on the ground with 8 crosses as shown below. (You will not need to mark the numbers, which are just to make our instructions clearer!) If you are playing on concrete or tarmac, you can use chalk. On wooden floors or carpet you could use masking tape or small circles of felt; the latter could also be used outside on grass.

You will need a "course" for each team, with plenty of space around each course for the children to run.

Now give 3 beanbags to the child in position 1. At your signal, child 1 throws the first beanbag to child 2, who throws it to child 3, and so on down the line. As soon as possible, child 1 throws the second beanbag, and then the third beanbag, in the same way. When child 8 has all three beanbags, he/she runs around the back (behind 7, 5 and 3) and takes child 1's position. Child 1 moves to child 2's position, child 2 moves to position 3, and so on.

If any beanbag is dropped, it should be picked up and passed along by the child who dropped it.

When child 1 is back in position 1, the game is over. If you are playing as a competition with more than 1 team, the first team to complete the challenge wins.

This game is tricky! It requires a lot of concentration and co-ordination to work well together as a team.


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