Beat That!


This is an easy game to learn, but one which is very popular with kids (and not too bad at keeping the odd grown up amused, too!). Great for learning the concept of place value.

Beat That! dice game for kids

Age: 5+

Place value
Strategic thinking

2 dice (up to 7 dice for older players)
Paper and pencil for scoring, or printable score chart

How to play

Roll the dice and put them in order to make the highest number possible. If you roll a 4 and an 6, for example, your best answer would be 64. Using 3 dice, a roll of 3, 5 and 2 should give you 532, and so on. Write down your answer, pass the dice, and challenge the next player to “Beat That!”

Play in rounds and assign a winner to each round. You might want to use one of our printable score charts to keep track.

For a change, try making the smallest number possible! This is a great game for reinforcing the concept of place value. If you are playing with younger children, explain your reasoning out loud and encourage them to do the same.

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