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Yachts in Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda
Yachts in Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda

Some interesting facts about Bermuda...

  • Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic. It is a popular tourist spot - and you can see why! As well as tourism, Bermuda has a large offshore insurance industry.
  • Bermuda is, surprisingly, made up of 181 islands. The largest island is Main Island.
  • Bermuda was named after the Spanish sea captain, Juan de Bermudez, who discovered it in 1503. He claimed the islands for Spain but they weren't settled until 1609 when a British trading company established a base there after a ship-wreck.
  • Bermuda is in the hurricane belt, which could be why the legend of the Bermuda Triangle has caught hold. This is a triangular area of sea, with Bermuda at its northern point, in which many airplanes and sea vessels have supposedly disappeared mysteriously and without trace!
  • Have you heard of Bermuda shorts? This is one place where wearing shorts to the office instead of a suit, shirt and tie is perfectly acceptable!
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