Big Egg Game


Print out the Big Egg Game - there are 6 pages, with 12 big patterned eggs, in total. Then follow the instructions below.

Cut out the 12 eggs, then simply cut in half and hide. Kids hunt for the eggs! Award 3 points for a complete egg, and 1 point for each unmatched half. The winner is one with most points. Laminate the eggs if you might want to play again next year...


  • To make the game even more fun, write a forfeit on the back of one half egg and some bonus points or a "Prize!" notification on the back of another. Whoever claims the point for the egg with the forfeit on has to do the forfeit, and whoever finds the other eggs either gets bonus points or a small prize.
  • Print more than one set of eggs for more children.
  • For older children, you could cut the eggs into quarters.
  • Colour your own eggs using our easter egg template.
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Big egg game

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