Birds Nest Craft


This birds nest crafts makes use of simple craft cupboard supplies like paper plates and tissue paper to produce a fun craft for kids, suitable for spring or summer. Add some little eggs to turn this into an Easter craft, too...

Birds nest craft

You will need:

Small paper plate
Brown paint
Thin brown paper - tissue, greaseproof or packing paper will all work, and you could include some lengths of brown wool (yarn) too.
Brightly coloured craft foam
Large pompoms
Wiggle eyes
Scraps of yellow card or foam


Paint the plate brown and leave to dry.

Rip the paper into pieces and scrunch up so them form fairly large balls. Glue these around the rim of the plate.

To make the birds, cut two teardrop wings from craft foam and stick either side of a pompom. Add a yellow triangle for the beak and two wiggle eyes.

Glue the birds to the middle of the plate.


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