This is a noisy team Christmas party game for people who don't mind a bit of a mess!


Age: 5+

Numbers: The more the merrier!

You will need:

A large supply of white polystyrene packing popcorn (peanuts)
A small Christmassy container for each team - perhaps a Santa hat, woolly hat or bucket
A large Christmassy container for each team - perhaps a crate or cardboard box covered in wrapping paper
A scoop or spade for each team

How to play:

Stand the teams at one end of the room and place the large containers at the other end of the room opposite them. Place a large box of packing popcorn on the floor in the middle of the room (the brave will throw the popcorn down without containing it in a box).

At your signal, the teams race to the popcorn and shovel the pieces into their small container. When the small container is full, they race to empty it into the bigger container.

The race ends either when all the popcorn is used up, or when a certain time has passed, or when you think the kids have had enough!

Measure the amount of "snow" in the large containers and declare a winner.

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