A New Online Advent Calendar for 2014...

I'm so excited! At the very last minute we've decided to go ahead with one of our very special daily online Advent Calendars, brand new for 2014! I'm not going to tell you this year's theme - you'll have to wait until 1st December to find out - but Adina's illustrations are delightful and I think the kids will love it!

What is our Online Advent Calendar?

  • Each day, visit the Activity Village Online Advent Calendar to find that day's special colouring page, as well as a Christmas joke and video that you can enjoy together with the kids.
  • The Advent Calendar colouring pages are designed to be printed, coloured and cut out each day, and built up into a unique display. When finished it should be quite spectacular, and something the kids will be really proud of. And we've never had one quite like this before!
  • We have two sizes of colouring to choose from. When you see the first day's page you can decide which is more suitable for you. As there will be 24 pages to display, I suspect the smaller version will be most popular.

How does it work?

  • Each day, simply visit the Activity Village Online Advent Calendar and you will find a new link to that day's activities. Once up, that day will stay up until Christmas.
  • I'll be adding each page at about 6pm UK time the night before, to enable southern hemisphere visitors to wake up to the Advent Calendar. That means that visitors in the northern hemisphere can have access the night before if they wish, but you might not want to let on!
  • The Activity Village Online Advent Calendar will be free right through December. However, for those of you who might be going away for the holidays, or for teachers who want to send the kids home with their own copy to complete, I will be making the full Advent Calendar available in the shop in the second week. We have previous years' Advent Calendars already available in the shop if you prefer to plan ahead.

What do I do now?

  • Click on the link below and you'll be taken to the entry page for the Online Advent Calendar 2014. Bookmark the page and come back every day in December, starting on 1st!
  • Alternatively, visit any page on the website and follow the links to the Advent Calendar, which you will find in the positions marked on the picture below.
  • Stock up on sticky-tack! It might come in useful for displaying the Advent Calendar.
  • Tell your colleagues, friends and family! Share the Advent Calendar on Facebook, and tweet about it if that is your thing! The more people who enjoy the calendar, the happier we will be.
  • Send us photos of your completed calendar, as they make us happy :)

The Activity Village Online Advent Calendar 2014 is HERE!

NB: For those of you who have taken part before, please be aware that this year's will be a slightly toned down version. We are sadly unable to offer the entry page picture with numbered links this year.

A New Online Advent Calendar for 2014...

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