Fun Ideas for Our New Christmas Stockings

I absolutely love these new Christmas stockings from Stasy - they are so versatile! I originally designed them as an advent calendar, with the idea that you could make a little pocket out of each pair of stockings, fill them with a few little bits and pieces, and string them up with ribbon or pegs on a line. But then I thought of lots of other ways to use them:

  • Advent calendar banner, as above (numbered version)
  • Simple double sided banner
  • Decorations for notice board, Christmas tree etc
  • Number line - 1 to 25
  • Christmas labels (use the blank version)
  • Mobile
  • Colour a stocking a day during Advent, hanging them up or otherwise displaying them each day for a lovely advent activity
  • Make pockets for gift cards or money
  • Little Christmas cards - write on the back
  • Play a matching game, finding pairs of stockings. You could even try this as a party game. Give each child one of a pair and send them off to find the other one, which you might lay out on the floor at the other side of the room, or hide somehwere!

You can download our Christmas stocking printables here:


Fun Ideas for Our New Christmas Stockings
Thursday, 30th November 2017

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