Guest Post - Easter Themed Craft Ideas


Easter is a super time to have fun with crafts, and there are lots of Easter-themed activities to print out from Activity Village. Shelly tries a few out in this lovely guest blog post.

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Easter Themed Craft Ideas

By Shelly

We have been keeping ourselves busy with some easy Easter themed crafts so I thought I would share some of our favourites using either colouring pages or templates as our starting point. I love using colouring pages and templates because it means the kids don’t have to worry about getting their drawing correct - they can just focus on the activity and have some fun creating.

Daffodil Ear Bud Painting

We used this lovely daffodil colouring page, some paints and ear buds (cotton buds) and created this stunning masterpiece.  Easy to do and such a lovely outcome!

Daffodil painting with ear buds
Daffodil painting with ear buds (cotton buds)

This daffodil colouring page would also work really well with some tissue paper or finger painting - or even combine the two and just add the tissue paper to the petals.

Easy Tissue Paper Bunny

All you need is this Easter bunny template, some coloured tissue paper, glue and a bit of imagination.  We created one bunny the standard way of scrunching up tissue paper and gluing it directly onto the bunny. Tip: with tissue paper it is better to glue the paper you are placing in on to. If you try and glue the tissue paper it can tear and kids can get a bit frustrated!

Tissue paper Easter bunny
Tissue paper Easter bunny

We did another by bleeding the tissue paper. Bleeding tissue paper is actually really easy. Add your tissue paper to some card or thick paper and then wet it (we use a thick paint brush). As you wet the tissue paper so the colour bleeds from the tissue paper onto your card.

Tissue paper on card, ready for bleeding
Tissue paper on card, ready for bleeding

We then traced around our Easter Bunny template, cut it out and ...

Easter bunny made by bleeding tissue paper
Here's the result! Our Easter bunny made by bleeding tissue paper

Easter Egg Template

Okay so I must confess I downloaded this Easter egg template as I really wanted my youngest to practise some cutting. And it worked really well.  I cut out the templates and then gave him the cut-out eggs together with some coloured and glitter paper.  He traced around the eggs and cut out egg after egg of both coloured paper and glitter paper.

Tracing around the templates onto colourful paper
Tracing around the templates onto colourful paper

His older sister also joined in and she also used the Easter bunny template from our tissue paper bunnies to cut out some coloured paper bunnies.

We ended up with a bunch of coloured eggs and bunnies!

So we used some to fill a basket with eggs (using this basket colouring page).

Colourful Easter eggs in a basket
Colourful Easter eggs in a basket

And we used a few to create an Easter scene.

Easter bunny scene
Our Easter bunny scene

Easter Bunny Cards

We decided to use some of our Easter bunnies to make some Easter cards. We folded coloured A4 card in half and then stuck the bottom section of our bunnies on the card – the top half sticks off the edge. The kids thought this made the cards really cool.

Easter bunny card ideas
Easter bunny card ideas

Our colourful Easter bunny card, standing up
Our colourful Easter bunny card, standing up

Easter Bookmarks

We still had a lot of colourful Easter eggs left and we needed some new bookmarks so we downloaded the Easter Bunny Bookmark.  You could download the bookmark, cut it out and use it like it is.

But we had all our eggs so we glued some colourful eggs onto our bookmarks!

Easter bunny bookmarks

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This is a guest post from Shelly. Shelly is a home educating parent of two children aged 6 and 9. She blogs at ofamily learning together where she shares ideas on their different learning activities including lots of hands-on maths, arts and crafts and anything else that is part of their home educating lifestyle.

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Guest Post - Easter Themed Craft Ideas
Monday, 26th March 2018

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