My Book of Lists - It's the Fun Way to Journal!

Whether you have a reluctant writer or an enthusiastic journaler and list-maker, we think we've got something that will appeal with this latest product from the Activity Village Shop! By getting kids to fill in these gorgeous "list" pages you are getting them to recollect, sort, order, THINK, write... and have lots of fun in the process.

Honestly, I love this book. Adina has excelled herself with the illustrations. My favourite page has to be page 41, "When I'm bored I could...", closely followed by page 53, "I don't like"... but there are so many that I could pick out.

You can print the whole lot out for your child, complete with cover and divider pages, and bind it up. They can flip through and fill in the pages as they feel like it. Alternatively print out one page at a time and use for odd moments. I'm sure that teachers will find many of the pages useful in the classroom, too!

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My Book of Lists - It's the Fun Way to Journal!

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