New Alphabetical Order Cards...

...which can be used in many ways.

Each page comes with two sets of cards so that you can slice them up in advance. Children cut out the words and simply arrange them into alphabetical order.

Arranging our new alphabetical order cards
Kids cut out the cards and arrange them in alphabetical order

We have also provided a "base" set of printables - one with a boy and one with a girl - that you can use to turn the cards into a cut and paste activity. You could also laminate the base cards and use them over and over again.

Alphabetical order cards with bases printed on yellow cardstock
Alphabetical order cards (printed onto paper) with base (printed on yellow cardstock)

And of course the base cards are perfect if you make your own cards for the kids to put into alphabetical order.

We've started these off with a number of themed sets of words. Download them 1 at a time or in 1 complete set. We will be adding more cards soon.

You can find all these new alphabetical order cards and bases here.


New Alphabetical Order Cards...
Thursday, 3rd August 2017

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