New Commonwealth Games 2014 Flags Bundle in the Shop!

For those of you who are getting excited about the Commonwealth Games, we've now got one of our time-saving bundles which provides you with our flag printables for all 70 nations and territories taking part in this year's Games in Glasgow. That's 70 countries x 11 pdf files for each country = 770 pdf files (and a few extra thrown in for good measure!)

So if you want to get the kids colouring or cutting out flags, writing about the countries using our notebooking pages or booklets, having a go at our fun jigsaws or using our bookmarks - the quickest way to get started is to visit the shop and download the bundle:

Our Commonwealth Games 2014 Flags Bundle - time-saving download in the Shop!

All of these flag printables are also available for individual download here at Activity Village.

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