Blow Football


This is a very simple game for two or four players suitable for children as young as 4. You can set it up anywhere and it should keep the kids amused for a while!

Blow football

Age: 4+

You Will Need:

A ball. The best type of ball depends on the surface of the pitch. If you’re playing on a carpet, a light plastic ball like a Subbuteo ™ football or a perhaps a table tennis ball is ideal; if you’re using a smooth surface like a table, you can use a heavier/rougher ball (even a dried pea !)

Two goals (margarine tubs are good).

A large drinking straw for each player


Place a border round the pitch (books might be suitable) to stop the ball going outside the field of play. Then put the ball in the middle of the pitch and …blow. If you get the ball in the opponents goal you have scored. First to five goals wins.

The only rule is that you’re not allowed to touch the ball while it is in play -  with hand, straw or anything else. If you do, the opponent gets a penalty.

Penalty shots:

The offending player (or team if playing two-a-side) has to put down his straw, the ball goes on the middle of the pitch and the other team gets the chance to score unopposed. The offending team are not allowed to touch their straws to pick them up and defend until the other team has restarted.


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