Bottle Top Spider


A bottle top is the perfect size for this little spider craft, and as you can see from the photo he sits quite realistically on his pipe-cleaner legs. Perfect for scattering around the house or classroom at Halloween!

Bottle Top Spider

You will need:

Plastic bottle lid
Black acrylic paint
String (optional)
Hi tack glue or double sided tape
Wiggle eyes
2 black pipecleaners


  • Carefully make a hole in the rim of the lid if you intend to hang the spider.  We used a metal kebab skewer.
  • Paint the lid black and leave to dry.
  • Cut the pipecleaners in half so that you have four pieces.
  • Use hi tack glue or double sided tape to attach the middle of the pipecleaner lengths to the back of the lid.  You will end up with eight legs sticking out.
  • Stick on the wiggle eyes.
  • If you want to hang your spider, thread the string through the hole and secure with a knot.


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