Butterfly Wings


These butterfly wings are an easy kids craft for the summer or anytime you are studying butterflies - and they are fun to wear, too! And of course by changing the colours you could make a pair of fairy wings instead.

Butterfly Wings Craft

You will need:

Tissue paper in various different colours
2 laminating sheets and laminator
Craft foam
Hole punch


Cut out two butterfly wings from tissue paper.

Open up the laminating sheets and lay your wings inside.

Cut shapes from the tissue paper and use to decorate the wings. Close the top layer of the laminating sheets. Very carefully turn the wings over, trying not to disturb the pattern you have made. Open the laminating sheets the other way up and decorate the other sides of your wings.

Close the laminating sheets and carefully feed your sheets through the laminator. Please note that laminators can get very hot so young children will need an adult to do this bit.

Trim around the edge of your wings. Make sure that you do not cut right to the edge of the tissue paper.

Arrange your wings in a butterfly shape.

Cut a large rectangle of craft foam. Punch out two holes near the top and two at the bottom. Thread through two lengths of ribbon.

Glue the foam rectangle into the middle of the butterfly shape and leave to dry.

Butterfly wings - detail photo

Tie the ribbon around the shoulders to wear.

Jack wearing his butterfly wings
Sam wearing his butterfly wings


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