Button Wreath Christmas Tree Decoration

Here's a pretty button wreath Christmas tree decoration that kids can make themselves. Using a pipe cleaner as the base makes it safe for all ages, although younger children will need supervision. And of course you can change the colour of the buttons to suit your Christmas tree! Pearly white buttons can look very pretty,  red, white and green buttons look traditional, while red and white on their own give a lovely candy cane effect. If you don't like a particular combination, it's easy to take the buttons off and start again!

Button wreath Christmas tree decoration
Sarah and the boys chose pretty pastel colours for this button wreath

You will need:

Wire or thin pipe cleaners (you may need to join two together)


Make a large, loose loop on one end of the pipe cleaner so that the buttons don't fall off while you are working. Now thread the wire through one hole of each button, stacking them up as shown in the photo. You want enough buttons to be able to form a circle, but you need to leave some of the wire free to form a hanging loop later.

Button wreath Christmas tree decoration - detail of stacked buttons

Undo the starting loop you made, and bend into a circle, twisting the wire to secure while leaving the ends free. Now twist the ends to form the hanging loop.

Detail of the hanging loop

Tie a ribbon bow around the top on the wreath. Hang the button wreath decoration on your Christmas tree!

Wreath collage

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