Call My Bluff


This is a fun word game (made famous by the TV show) which can help children to learn new words, practise dictionary work and presentation skills! It works best in a classroom or large group setting, and you will need time to prepare.

Call my Bluff instructions

Age: 7+

You will need a large dictionary and at least 4 players, preferably more.

3 players are chosen to give the first presentation. They must choose a difficult word from the dictionary (which they hope no-one will know) and write 3 definitions for the word. One of the definitions must be true, and the other two should be plausible (but can be funny).

Now write the word on a card or the chalkboard and ask the 3 children to read out their words to the group of class, giving no indication which is right and which are wrong. Make sure the children adopt a good poker face when giving their definitions!

The audience now votes on which is the right definition. If they guess right, the audience gets a point. If they guess wrong, each of the other 2 presenters gets a point!


3 adults or older children can prepare a number of words in advance, and present them to younger children.

Instead of using word definitions, you can write 3 or more "truths" about a character you are studying, or perhaps a favourite celebrity. The audience has to guess whether the "facts" are right or wrong.


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