Candy Cane Printable Craft

This simple printable craft is quick, addictive and very effective. The candy canes look good enough to eat! Hang them on the tree or use them to decorate Christmas presents. You could even use them in a Christmas treasure hunt - writing clues inside before your roll the candy canes up!

Candy cane printable craft

A selection of our candy canes - the big one ready to hang on the tree!

You will need:

Printer paper (thinner is easier; glossy paper looks great but ordinary paper will do nicely too)
Sticky tape
Ribbons or cord to hang (optional)

Candy cane printable craft


Print out our candy cane printables - large or small, and cut out the squares carefully.

Lay the square face down with the red sides away from you and the white corner towards you.

Candy cane printable craft - step 1

Starting with the bottom white corner, roll the paper tightly around the pencil. If you are using the large square, you will have to slide the pencil out slightly towards the side as you go.

Candy cane printable craft step 2

When the paper is all rolled up, use a tiny piece of sticky tape to secure.

Now use the pencil to curl the end of the candy cane.

Candy cane printable craft step 3

It doesn't take long to make the paper stay in the right position!

Candy cane printable craft step 4

Here's a close-up of the completed candy cane. You can trim the end if you like.

Candy cane printable craft detail

To hang our candy canes on the tree, we tied a loop of baker's twine and then used a ribbon to attach that to the neck of the candy cane (covering the sticky tape, too).

Candy cane printable craft detail 2

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