Canopic Jars Craft

During the mummification process the organs were removed from the corpse and placed in special containers called canopic jars. Have a go at a crafty version of the process!

Canopic Jars craft photo
Duanatef, Hapy and Qebehsenuf

We made our own simple versions of these jars using empty ice cream containers, though any similar sized container would have been suitable. We used air-drying clay to shape the heads which formed the lids of the canopic jars. This was then left to dry for 24-48 hours.

We then painted the lids in suitable colours. The body of the jar was covered in paper and decorated with hieroglyphics – we actually wrote our names in hieroglyphics for fun.

Variations on this project could include making the lid from papier mache instead of clay – scrunch up balls of paper to give a basic shape and then apply papier mache over this, allow to dry and then paint.

unpainted canopic jars

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