Cat Statue Craft


Cat statue craftTry our cat statue craft for a study of Ancient Egypt (Egyptians worshipped cats and sometimes mummified a pharaoh's cats to be buried with him when he died in honour of Bast, the cat goddess.). Or just make one because you like cats!

You will need:

A Pringles tube or similar
Narrow cardboard tube (like a kitchen foil insert)
Kitchen foil
PVA (school) glue
Sticky tape
Blue paint
Black marker pen
White round stickers
Sticky tape


Cut the narrow cardboard tube in half and tape the pieces side by side to the front of the large tube.

Roll a ball of kitchen foil into a circle for the head, shaping two ears. Tape this to the top of the tube.

Roll a sausage shape from kitchen foil, squeezing one end to a point. This will be your tail. Tape it around the base of the tube to form the base of your cat.

Rip the newspaper into strips, dip in watered down glue and use to cover your cat. Build up a couple of layers. Leave to dry thoroughly.

Paint the cat blue and when it is dry add nose and whiskers with marker pen and white sticky dots for eyes.

Cat statue closeup


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