Categories is a game that allows so much flexibility it is easy to adapt for all players. Every game is unique.

Categories in action

How to play

Every player needs a table with categories across the top, letters down the side and space for scoring.

Choose your categories. You can choose ones that suit your players. Examples could be books, films, tv characters, shops, animals, plants, football, famous people, countries...

For each round, choose a letter at random. You can do this by picking up a book from the shelf and asking someone to say a number and the letter of the book title that matches the letter is chosen. Or write letters on a piece of paper and ask a player to close their eyes and point to decide the letter, If you have one you could use a spinner.

Set a time limit per round. We find that 2 minutes for a 6 round game is about right, but you can change the time to make it easier or harder.

When the clock starts all players have to try and come up with something for every category beginning with the letter of the round.

Players score 1 point for a right answer if someone else also has the same answer and 3 points for a unique answer.

After all rounds have been played, total up the scores to see who has the most.

Our Categories Printables

Categories 10 Rounds

Categories 10 Rounds

Our printable categories grids will save you time. Print one for each player, write your chosen categories across the top of the grid and you are ready to play.

Categories 5 Rounds

Categories 5 Rounds

This five round categories grid would be good for beginners or those who want a quick game. Information on how to play categories can be found here.

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