Catherine Wheel Craft


Here's a fun paper plate craft idea for toddlers and younger children on Bonfire Night (or any fireworks themed holiday). Be prepared to get a little sticky!

Catherine wheel craft

You will need:

Paper plate
Threads of sequins
Star stickers
Sticky tape


Drizzle some paint around on the plate. Repeat with a second colour. Tip the plate on it's side so the paint runs and spin around a few times so the colours mix a little.

Leave to dry.

Cut some lengths of sequins and tape to the back of the plate. You may like to add a piece of tape to the ends of the lengths of sequins to stop them falling off.

Decorate the plate and the lengths of sequins with the star stickers.

Either punch a hole in the top of the plate and hang as a mobile, or pin directly to a display board.

If you have black or dark blue plates these will even more effective.



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