Chinese Lantern Craft 2


This Chinese lantern craft is quick and easy to do, but a string of them hung across a room looks bright and pretty and perfect for a Chinese New Year or Lantern Festival display.

Chinese lantern

You will need:

A4 coloured card
A4 coloured paper (in a different colour to the card)
Tissue paper
Glue stick
Thread to hang


Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Cut lines through the fold to about 1 ½ inches from the top of the paper at about 1 inch intervals. Cut a ½ inch piece off the end.

Cut a strip of about 2 inches off the width of the card. Glue strips of tissue paper along the uncut side.

Take the paper and glue it on top of the card along the top and the bottom, matching the edges. You will find that the middle of the paper sticks out.

You should be left with a ½ inch strip of card showing along one side. Glue along this strip and bend the lantern round into a cone shape. Staple to secure.

With the tissue paper hanging at the bottom, make two small holes in the top. Tie some thread through to hang the lantern.


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