Chinese New Year Bracelet


At Chinese New Year children are given brand new, colourful clothes to wear, and red is regarded as an especially lucky colour. Your kids can have a go making this Chinese New Year bracelet as part of their own Chinese New Year celebration!

Chinese New Year bracelet

You will need:

Red craft foam
Hook and eye fasteners
Gold glitter glue


Cut a rectangle of craft foam 1 inch wide and long enough to go around your wrist with an inch to spare. If you like you can cut the edges of the rectangle into a pattern.

Stick the eye fastening to one end of the front of the bracelet, and stick the hook fastening to the back of the bracelet at the other end.

Use the glitter glue to draw Chinese characters along the bracelet. You can find lots of Chinese characters to use for inspiration here. Make sure you let the glitter glue dry completely before you put the bracelet on!


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