Chinese Zodiac Animal Noises

This Chinese Zodiac Animal Noises game is fun in the classroom or for any large group, perhaps at your Chinese New Year party or celebration. There are many different ways you can play it.

Chinese zodiac cards to print

Ages: Young children


You will need to assign each child (or group of children) a Chinese Zodiac animal. You can do this by whispering to them, letting them pick a name on a slip out of a hat, or handing them one of our Chinese Zodiac Cards.

How to play:

12 or less children - calm version:
Each child takes it in turns to make their animal's noise and the other children guess what they are.

12 or less children - noisy version:
All the children make their animal noise at once while walking around the room and also try to identify the other animals!

12 or less children - noisy, alphabetical challenge:
As the previous version, but this time the children must also organize themselves into alphabetical order.

To form children into pairs or teams:
Assign two or more children the same animal. At your signal, everybody makes their noise and walks around the room looking for their partner or team.

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