Chinese Zodiac File Folder Game


Print and cut out our bright and cheerful Chinese Zodiac File Folder Game, and your children will have fun spelling out the names of all the animals. The instructions below might make it sounds a little complicated, but once it is set up you will be able to have fun with it many times over.

Chinese Zodiac cards
First, decide which set of cards to print out, according to the reading and spelling level of your child. Younger children will need each animal's name included on the cards; older kids will be fine with the blank cards. Cut out the cards, arrange, and stick to the inside of the file folder. Find both sets here:
Chinese Zodiac Cards

Chinese Zodiac anagram letters
Now print and cut out these letter tiles. You can laminate them for durability if you wish. Store the letter tiles in an envelope or re-sealable bag which you can attach to the file folder game with a paper clip. Find the letter tiles here:
Chinese Zodiac Anagram Challenge Letter Tiles

Story of the Chinese Zodiac printable
If your children are already reading, you might like to stick our printable version of The Story Of The Chinese Zodiac to the back of the file folder.

Finally, print the instructions (below) and stick to the front of the file folder, and your child is ready to play!

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Chinese Zodiac file folder game


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