Chinese Zodiac Word Tracing Worksheets


These fun worksheets for early learners ask children to trace the name of the animal. And of course they can then colour in the simple picture.

Dog Tracing Worksheet

Dog Word Tracing

Colour in this lovely puppy dog and then trace the letters underneath.

Goat Tracing Worksheet

Goat Word Tracing

Practise writing the letters in the word goat with this tracing worksheet - which includes a cute picture for the kids to colour in!

Horse Tracing Worksheet

Horse Word Tracing

Gallop over to your desk and get ready to practise writing the word horse! Just trace the letters, starting on the dot. 2014 is the Chinese zodiac year of the horse.

Ox Tracing Worksheet

Ox Word Tracing

A short word, but a good one! You'll have plenty of time after tracing to colour in the ox on this worksheet.

Pig Tracing Worksheet

Pig Word Tracing

Here's a simple tracing worksheet and colouring page for beginner readers / writers.

Rabbit tracing worksheet

Rabbit Word Tracing

Learn to write the word using the tracing lines on this rabbit racing worksheet, starting on the dot! And of course the kids might enjoy colouring in the rabbit, too.

Rat Tracing Worksheet

Rat Word Tracing

This is a very cute looking rat! Practise writing words on this tracing worksheet and then colour in the picture.

Rooster Tracing Worksheet

Rooster Word Tracing

Here we have a lovely plump rooster on a tracing worksheet to help practise letter formation. Little ones can use their finger to trace the letters, or you could use a pencil.

Snake tracing

Snake Tracing Worksheet

Here's a snake tracing page for children to practice their writing - and of course they can colour in the snake, too.

Tiger Tracing Worksheet

Tiger Word Tracing

Use this tiger tracing worksheet to practise letter formation and then colour it in! The tiger is also one of the Chinese zodiac symbols so this would be a great activity at Chinese new year time.

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Chinese Zodiac Animal Finger Tracing Worksheets
Chinese Zodiac Animal Finger Tracing Worksheets

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