Christmas Card Jigsaw Game

We've been building up this game for many years now and we all look forward to playing it in the run-up to Christmas. It gets more difficult every year, as the children get older! See also Christmas Card Jigsaw Race.

Christmas Card Jigsaw Game

Gather 10-20 cards and cut each one into 3 or 4 pieces, using straight lines. Shuffle them all up together and lay them out on a flat service such as a dining table or the floor – then put them back together again.

Store the cards in a shoebox for next time. This is fun on a quiet family evening at the beginning of the season as it helps to get everybody into the Christmas spirit!


You can play the game as a race between individual players and teams, too. As each card is completed, the person or team who added the final piece put their token on top; at the end the tokens are counted and the person or team with the most tokens wins.

If you like, you can also increase the difficulty each year as your children get older by cutting the cards into smaller pieces!

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