Christmas Cracker Craft

Kids can make their own Christmas crackers to hang on the tree or give to friends, and fill them with some special treats!

Christmas cracker craft

You will need:

Toilet roll tube
Tissue paper
Double sided tape or glue
Cracker snap (optional)
Sweets or other small treat (optional)
Wool (yarn)
Decorative bits and pieces


Cut a rectangle of tissue paper approximately 12" by 18".

Put a line of double sided tape down the length of the loo roll tube, and stick it down in the middle of one of the long lengths of the tissue paper.

Slip in the snap and treat if using.

Roll the tube over the tissue paper so it wraps around it. Glue the end down with glue stick or a piece of sticky tape.

Twist the ends of the paper at the ends of the tube and tie a piece of wool around each end to keep in place.

Decorate with stickers or anything else that takes your fancy!

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