Christmas Hot Chocolate


A mug of comforting hot chocolate is always a treat, but this special Christmas hot chocolate is perfect for Christmas Eve, when children can always do with something to calm them down and help them sleep! Of course you can vary the ingredients to suit your kids...

Christmas Hot Chocolate

Christmas hot chocolate is a perfect drink for Christmas Eve!


Per cup:

Teaspoon of cocoa powder
Cup of milk
Drop of peppermint essence
Teaspoon of sugar
Mint flavoured chocolate
Aerosol cream
2 candy canes


Mix the cocoa powder to a smooth paste with a dash of cold milk. Ask an adult to warm the rest of the milk. Add the warm milk to the cocoa and whisk.

Stir in a teaspoonful of sugar and a drop of peppermint essence.

Top with squirty cream, a crushed candy cane and grated or crumbled milk chocolate. Finish off with a candy cane to stir!


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