Christmas Tree Photo Frame


Here's a quick Christmas craft for kids, who can display their Christmas tree photo frame on the mantelpiece, or perhaps hang it on the real Christmas tree or make one for Granny and Grandpa.

Christmas tree photo frame

You will need:

3 craft sticks (we used coloured but you can use plain and paint.
Green paint (optional)
Cork (or toilet roll with slit cut in the top)
Photograph (13cm x 18cm or 5"x7")
Double sided tape
Green card
Decorative bits and pieces
Ribbon for hanging (optional)


Glue the ends of your sticks together to form a triangle. Leave to dry and then, if necessary, paint the triangle green. NB If you intend to hang the Christmas tree frame on the tree, glue a loop of ribbon in between two of the lolly sticks at this stage.

Use double sided tape to stick your photo to the back of the triangle, trimming away the excess. Stick a triangle of green card over the back.

Christmas tree photo frame - back view
Christmas tree photo frame - back view

Carefully (ask an adult) make a groove in the top of the cork with a sharp knife.
Fill the groove with glue and push in your craft stick triangle, making sure the photo is the right way up. Alternatively, cut a slit in a section of toilet roll tube and slide the frame into it.

When the glue is dry, decorate the frame with stickers and other decorative bits and pieces.

Christmas tree photo frame 2


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