Christmas T-Shirt Sorting and Matching Game

You can use this printable Christmas game in many different ways with younger children, who will enjoy the novelty of the T-shirt cards! Scroll down for the instructions.

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Christmas T-Shirt Sorting and Matching Game

For a file folder game:

Print out two copies of the T-shirts and cut out. Stick one set randomly on the inside of a file folder or onto a piece of colourful card. Laminate the other set if possible, and keep in a bag or envelope with the file folder or card. Children should match up the T-shirts.

As a jigsaw game:

Cut each T-shirt into two or three pieces and put them back together again!

For a sorting game:

Ask the children to sort the T-shirts in different ways. For example, you could ask them to find T-shirt with red sleeves and T-shirts with green sleeves, or T-shirts with presents on the front, and so on.

The T-shirts also make cute and unusual gift tags! Punch a hole in one shoulder and thread some ribbon through.

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