Christmas Window Silhouette


Kids can make a Christmas window silhouette using our printable Christmas templates for a stunning Christmas window display. Wouldn't we all love to be able to look out the window to see Santa and his reindeers silhouetted against the moon like this? Or try the Christmas tree silhouette idea - possibly better for younger children but just as pretty...

Christmas window silhouette for kids to make
This photo doesn't do our Christmas window silhouette justice - it is pretty and sparkly with glitter! See the detail photo below...

You will need:

Black paper
Yellow tissue paper
Glitter (optional)
Our sleigh and reindeer templates
Scrap printer paper
Laminating sheet

Santa sleigh with reindeer template
Santa's sleigh template


Fold the tissue paper in half and cut a semi-circle shape from the centre. Open out the paper so you have a circle. Lay this in the laminating sheet and sprinkle with glitter if you wish.

Print and cut out our template on to the scrap paper. Use the template to cut out the shape from black paper.

Lay the shape over the circle.

Close the laminating sheet and ask an adult to carefully feed the picture through a laminator.

Contact paper alternative:

You could also make the Christmas window silhouette using two sheets of clear contact paper. Peel the backing off one sheet of contact paper and lay it, sticky side up, on the table, Now place your moon, glitter and black silhouette carefully in position. Now peel the backing off the second sheet and carefully place it over the first piece, smoothing out bubbles as you go. Tricky, but possible with a bit of care!

Christmas window silhouette - detail
Christmas window silhouette - detail

Sam's Christmas tree window silhouette
Sam's Christmas tree window silhouette

Alternative for younger children:

Sam wanted to do a Christmas tree silhouette, using black paper to form a hillside with a Christmas tree which he cut out himself. You could use one of our Christmas tree templates if you prefer:
Christmas templates

He sprinkled some lovely glittery "snowflakes" around the tree before laminating. You can see how pretty it looks in the photo below:

Christmas tree window silhouette


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